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"You never identify yourself with the shadow cast by your body, or with it's reflection, or with the body you see in a dream or in your imagination. Therefore you should not identify yourself with this living body, either."

From the Comfort of my home

As per a survey conducted by UN in 2005, there were about 100 million people homeless worldwide. And according to another estimate, a total of 1.6 billion people worldwide reside in inadequate shelter; that’s more than the population of the whole of China. And I research these numbers from the comfort of my modern day home, with all the basic amenities and more. I feel sinful when I realize that I have unused room in my house, and there a 100 million people on the mother earth who sleep under no shade. I feel gutted, and my comfort seems wrong. And then, I think of those who have carved spacious palaces, with hundreds and thousands of spare rooms. I find my crime less grave when put to test with such examples. And then, I think of governments with magnanimous budgets and I feel even more insignificant. The guilt disappears, is replaced by a feeling of helplessness.

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Religion Gave Birth to Democracy


History of philosophy often starts with the Greeks. Luc ferry (2011:17) states that ‘most historians agree that philosophy first saw the light of day in Greece, sometime around the sixth century BC’.  The pre Hellenistic philosophical exercise in the east by the followers of Abrahamic religions, Vedic and Pre-Vedic religions, Zoroastrianism etc. are ignored perhaps because in the philosophical literature faith is seen in contrast to wisdom / reason, and philosophy is translated as the love of wisdom. Secondly, there are no written accounts of philosophical exercise, during the time of Moses or his descendants. The Dead Sea scrolls are the oldest manuscripts available for the Old Testament and they have been dated back to 250 BC only. Furthermore, there is lot of scepticism as to when the Old Testament finally took its current form after going through various transformations over the ages. Similar reasons can be applied to other pre historic religions. Nevertheless, for someone deeply engrossed in the act of philosophizing, the struggle of overcoming one’s primitive fears, it is truly saddening that the development of thoughts in primitive man is ignored.
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Happiness is not more money

Money cannot buy happiness. Some say it’s a “wisdom” carefully invented by the poor as in the Fox and the grapes fable. Some believe the idea is supported by research. For most, it does not matter. Most have unconsciously subscribed to a law that bluntly states ‘ I need (more) money to be happy’. The law does not state what more quantifies. ‘ But you know, I need more to buy a house, the car that I’ve always wanted…’. And most never inspected what they really need and want. What they think they need and want is a list of socially conditioned desires. Let’s ask our selves really basic questions about money. Read more

I Counsel : Some Reflections

There are hundred shades of OCD, probably more. Obsessions and compulsion have been there, for thousands of years, probably more. And tens of terminologies have been used to describe the phenomenon, probably more. Now, that I have iterated the ritualistic probably more in the magic number of times, I might begin to write the write-up, which I was about to write (again?). Read more

Journey Into an OCD Mind

What this write-up is about?

Do you or your loved one have excessive fear or disgust with regards to contamination? Do you or your loved one have an uncontrollable urge to hoard useless items? Do you or your loved one have preoccupation with symmetry and order? Do you or your loved one have excessive fear, worry, and preoccupation with blasphemous thoughts and praying ‘perfectly’? Do you or your loved one suffer from unwanted, worrisome, and intrusive sexual or blasphemous thoughts? Do you or your loved suffer from excessive and illogical hand washing? Do you or your loved one take half an hour for ritual cleaning (ablution etc.)? Do you or your loved one check over and over whether the doors and windows are closed?

If the answer to any of the above is YES, then this write-up is for you. If NOT, you may still read it.

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Welcome to extends warm welcome and a very good  morning to you. Hang on, if you are in a time-zone farther away from us please accept what’s appropriate for you : good morning, good noon, good after-noon, good evening or even good night. So, you see, space is also important as much the time is. There is another un-sung dimension, that carries immense value, and that is what I like to call the ‘state’. Read more

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