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Shared Meals – An Opportunity for Discussion & Integration

West Berkshire Peace and Integration Forum has been organizing Shared Meal evenings for many years now. These evenings present a valuable opportunity to socialize with people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, religions, age groups etc. Following the same theme, on Sunday 6th December about forty people from in and around Newbury and Thatcham gathered to celebrate variety of opinions and food.

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Religion Gave Birth to Democracy


History of philosophy often starts with the Greeks. Luc ferry (2011:17) states that ‘most historians agree that philosophy first saw the light of day in Greece, sometime around the sixth century BC’.  The pre Hellenistic philosophical exercise in the east by the followers of Abrahamic religions, Vedic and Pre-Vedic religions, Zoroastrianism etc. are ignored perhaps because in the philosophical literature faith is seen in contrast to wisdom / reason, and philosophy is translated as the love of wisdom. Secondly, there are no written accounts of philosophical exercise, during the time of Moses or his descendants. The Dead Sea scrolls are the oldest manuscripts available for the Old Testament and they have been dated back to 250 BC only. Furthermore, there is lot of scepticism as to when the Old Testament finally took its current form after going through various transformations over the ages. Similar reasons can be applied to other pre historic religions. Nevertheless, for someone deeply engrossed in the act of philosophizing, the struggle of overcoming one’s primitive fears, it is truly saddening that the development of thoughts in primitive man is ignored.
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