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I have got the secret ingredient of madness. I am passionate about exploring the self and understanding the psyche. It started numerous years back, when I was engrossed by the question ‘why do people do what they do’. In an attempt to find answers I studied scriptures, flipped libraries and contemplated. With answers came more questions. I have been conveying my thoughts in newspapers, magazines, blogs and online forums. I have counselled people suffering from psychological disorders for the last two years, and helped them in carrying out self-help plans. Its high time I moved to a website, I said to myself. So, here is my little effort.

Technically speaking its not ‘us’. Right now, its just me. But, I do not wish to keep it that way. I wish this becomes a group. A group of individuals, who’ve got the madness to carry out their voyage into the self, along with their other responsibilities in life. Looking for deep-thinking authors, meticulous criticizers, honest supporters and most importantly mentally conspicuous individuals.





Amreen Shaikh

Firstly, congratulations for your website. I sincerely hope it reaches out to numerous masses because I am sure its going to be a boon for them. And your message reminds me of a John Lennon song “you may say I am a dreamer… But I am not the only one… I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one !” 🙂

Muhammad Awais Tahir

Thanks a lot. Congratulations on the first comment. Looking forward to your healthy participation.

Rehan Ali

Congratulations Tahir, really heartening to see your efforts climbing turning fruitful this way! May Allah bless you with strength to keep up the good work! Wish you Godspeed ahead!

Muhammad Awais Tahir

Dear Rehan,
Thanks a lot for your appreciation and encouragement. Looking forward to your continuous feedback.

Bela Khan

Why do I feel that there is some element missing?

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