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Happiness is not more money

Money cannot buy happiness. Some say it’s a “wisdom” carefully invented by the poor as in the Fox and the grapes fable. Some believe the idea is supported by research. For most, it does not matter. Most have unconsciously subscribed to a law that bluntly states ‘ I need (more) money to be happy’. The law does not state what more quantifies. ‘ But you know, I need more to buy a house, the car that I’ve always wanted…’. And most never inspected what they really need and want. What they think they need and want is a list of socially conditioned desires. Let’s ask our selves really basic questions about money. Read more

Could Psych Evaluations have prevented Flight 9525 Calamity ?

Suicide does not seem like an apt word to describe the incident of Germanwings flight 9525. The co-pilot deliberately locked the captain out of the cockpit, and activated the descent that drove the plane into French Alps. The drastic collision took the life of the co-pilot and 149 other lives. The possibility of a technology failure was ruled out with-in hours of the disaster when black box was found which revealed the deliberate actions of the co-pilot that lead to the crash. Since then, discussions have focused on preventive measures to stop such calamities in future like tighter psychological evaluations and making a compulsion to have two personal in the cockpit at all times. Media agencies have also been beaconing perplexed theories on what could have convinced co-pilot Andreas Lubitz to commit such a tragic act. Read more

The Psychology of Migraine: Not just another headache

Spring 2002, that’s when it all started. I was in boarding school. Nothing dramatic happened prior to it; no physiological change, no mental trauma, no depressive spell.  It was like every other day, when it seemed like a parasite had woken up from its slumber, in my brain. It started stinging from the inside, and it has been doing so recurrently ever since.

Why am I doing this? There’s a certain comfort in expressing one’s disability. But, the dictionary has always felt really scarce whenever I’ve endeavoured to express my pain. Most chronic pain sufferers experience plethora of irrepressible thoughts; migraine is no different. Once these thoughts are externalized, there’s a better chance to view them objectively and carry out a renewed conscious effort to defeat the pain. Read more

One Grand Retraction

Writing it out, that has been my way of organizing my thoughts. I have been doing that for over a decade now. I have been writing for magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs, until recently, when I abruptly stopped. My primary objective has always been to make sense of my life and help people in making sense of their lives. It was not just writing. I have been delivering lectures, teaching books, making videos, developing software, compiling poems, debating, counselling, writing emails etc. I was deeply involved and ecstatic. Read more

Philosophy Hijacked by ‘Age of Competition’

“…the increase of human power over nature has become completely automatic, uncontrollable and blind, because it everywhere exceeds the conscious will of individual. And , this is, quite simply, the inevitable result of competition. In which sense, contrary to the philosophy of Enlightenment, which aimed at emancipation and human happiness, technology is well and truly a process without purpose, devoid of any objectives:ultimately, nobody knows any longer the direction in which the world is moving, because it is automatically governed by competition and in no sense directed by conscious will of men collectively united behind a project…”

[ ‘A Brief History of Thought’ by Luc Ferry]

Muting the Question of Salvation

Salvation, the core question in the ancient religious and non-religious philosophies, was insentiently muted by modern philosophies. Central entities in moral philosophies of the past; cosmos, divine and God, were supplanted by individual conscience in modern philosophy.  Modern philosophy revolutionized the meaning of virtue, and understanding of morality, and left no room for ancient aristocratic views of the stoics, but it left very little room for discussion on salvation. God has been discussed only in the practical context, as in Critique of Pure Reason by Kant, and there is little or no discussion on after-life or death. Modern efforts in philosophizing have reflexively suspended the discourse on overcoming ones primitive fears. Philosophy became a discussion on ethical and moral laws, and has favoured the democratic order and peaceful co-existence, but failed to provide any answers to the question of salvation; as Luc Ferry puts:

“Ethical principles, however precious they may be, have no purchase whatsoever on the great existential questions that were formerly taken care of by the doctrines of salvation” (Luc Ferry, 2011: 134) Read more

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