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If Humans Had Printed Expiry Dates

This showed up on New Year’s Eve on my Facebook news feed ‘I wish humans were born with printed expiry dates’. I gave it a thought, and I realized that the one who was wishing so, and those who had ‘liked’ the thought, are not really thinking it through (I really want to write about psychology of Facebook likes, another time, perhaps). So, rather than leaving a passing by ‘lol’, or ‘liking’ it for the uniqueness of the thought, I decided to let the simulation run in my mind. I really like it, when I’m there, my mind palace that is. So, before dozing off that night, I imagined a printed expiry date on my arm, just below my hand (I just felt that it was meant to be there, if it was ever meant to be). Thank you for choosing imaginary airlines, and we wish you a pleasant flight.

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Psyche : After Death ? (Karl Popper 1902-1994)

Finally , of course we come to the ultimate picture, what happens in death? Then all cerebral activity ceases permanently. The self-conscious mind that has had an autonomous existence in a sense…now finds that the brain it had scanned and probed and controlled so efficiently and effectively through a long life is no longer giving any message at all. What happens then is the ultimate question

(Karl Popper and John Eccles, The Self and Its Brain, London: Routledge Publishers, 1990, pp.372)

Welcome to extends warm welcome and a very good  morning to you. Hang on, if you are in a time-zone farther away from us please accept what’s appropriate for you : good morning, good noon, good after-noon, good evening or even good night. So, you see, space is also important as much the time is. There is another un-sung dimension, that carries immense value, and that is what I like to call the ‘state’. Read more

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