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Psyche : After Death ? (Karl Popper 1902-1994)

Finally , of course we come to the ultimate picture, what happens in death? Then all cerebral activity ceases permanently. The self-conscious mind that has had an autonomous existence in a sense…now finds that the brain it had scanned and probed and controlled so efficiently and effectively through a long life is no longer giving any message at all. What happens then is the ultimate question

(Karl Popper and John Eccles, The Self and Its Brain, London: Routledge Publishers, 1990, pp.372)

Welcome to extends warm welcome and a very good  morning to you. Hang on, if you are in a time-zone farther away from us please accept what’s appropriate for you : good morning, good noon, good after-noon, good evening or even good night. So, you see, space is also important as much the time is. There is another un-sung dimension, that carries immense value, and that is what I like to call the ‘state’. Read more

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