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From the Comfort of my home

As per a survey conducted by UN in 2005, there were about 100 million people homeless worldwide. And according to another estimate, a total of 1.6 billion people worldwide reside in inadequate shelter; that’s more than the population of the whole of China. And I research these numbers from the comfort of my modern day home, with all the basic amenities and more. I feel sinful when I realize that I have unused room in my house, and there a 100 million people on the mother earth who sleep under no shade. I feel gutted, and my comfort seems wrong. And then, I think of those who have carved spacious palaces, with hundreds and thousands of spare rooms. I find my crime less grave when put to test with such examples. And then, I think of governments with magnanimous budgets and I feel even more insignificant. The guilt disappears, is replaced by a feeling of helplessness.

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If Humans Had Printed Expiry Dates

This showed up on New Year’s Eve on my Facebook news feed ‘I wish humans were born with printed expiry dates’. I gave it a thought, and I realized that the one who was wishing so, and those who had ‘liked’ the thought, are not really thinking it through (I really want to write about psychology of Facebook likes, another time, perhaps). So, rather than leaving a passing by ‘lol’, or ‘liking’ it for the uniqueness of the thought, I decided to let the simulation run in my mind. I really like it, when I’m there, my mind palace that is. So, before dozing off that night, I imagined a printed expiry date on my arm, just below my hand (I just felt that it was meant to be there, if it was ever meant to be). Thank you for choosing imaginary airlines, and we wish you a pleasant flight.

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