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Could Psych Evaluations have prevented Flight 9525 Calamity ?

Suicide does not seem like an apt word to describe the incident of Germanwings flight 9525. The co-pilot deliberately locked the captain out of the cockpit, and activated the descent that drove the plane into French Alps. The drastic collision took the life of the co-pilot and 149 other lives. The possibility of a technology failure was ruled out with-in hours of the disaster when black box was found which revealed the deliberate actions of the co-pilot that lead to the crash. Since then, discussions have focused on preventive measures to stop such calamities in future like tighter psychological evaluations and making a compulsion to have two personal in the cockpit at all times. Media agencies have also been beaconing perplexed theories on what could have convinced co-pilot Andreas Lubitz to commit such a tragic act. Read more

The Psychology of Migraine: Not just another headache

Spring 2002, that’s when it all started. I was in boarding school. Nothing dramatic happened prior to it; no physiological change, no mental trauma, no depressive spell.  It was like every other day, when it seemed like a parasite had woken up from its slumber, in my brain. It started stinging from the inside, and it has been doing so recurrently ever since.

Why am I doing this? There’s a certain comfort in expressing one’s disability. But, the dictionary has always felt really scarce whenever I’ve endeavoured to express my pain. Most chronic pain sufferers experience plethora of irrepressible thoughts; migraine is no different. Once these thoughts are externalized, there’s a better chance to view them objectively and carry out a renewed conscious effort to defeat the pain. Read more

I Counsel : Some Reflections

There are hundred shades of OCD, probably more. Obsessions and compulsion have been there, for thousands of years, probably more. And tens of terminologies have been used to describe the phenomenon, probably more. Now, that I have iterated the ritualistic probably more in the magic number of times, I might begin to write the write-up, which I was about to write (again?). Read more

Journey Into an OCD Mind

What this write-up is about?

Do you or your loved one have excessive fear or disgust with regards to contamination? Do you or your loved one have an uncontrollable urge to hoard useless items? Do you or your loved one have preoccupation with symmetry and order? Do you or your loved one have excessive fear, worry, and preoccupation with blasphemous thoughts and praying ‘perfectly’? Do you or your loved one suffer from unwanted, worrisome, and intrusive sexual or blasphemous thoughts? Do you or your loved suffer from excessive and illogical hand washing? Do you or your loved one take half an hour for ritual cleaning (ablution etc.)? Do you or your loved one check over and over whether the doors and windows are closed?

If the answer to any of the above is YES, then this write-up is for you. If NOT, you may still read it.

Read more

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