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Visit to Church & Sharing of Peace – An Interfaith Initiative

I have been to churches numerous times in my life. But, this one was different, where I attended a church to pray for world peace together.‘Week of Prayer for World Peace’ is an annual initiative which began in 1974 to draw people of different faiths together to pray for a greater peace in the world. In the towns of Newbury & Thatcham, we took this week as an excellent opportunity to emphasise how we all part of one human family. In an attempt to do so, local Christians attended Muslim Friday prayers and local Muslims attended a Christian Sunday church service to stand in solidarity together and to pray for greater understanding and peace in the world. Read more

Shared Meals – An Opportunity for Discussion & Integration

West Berkshire Peace and Integration Forum has been organizing Shared Meal evenings for many years now. These evenings present a valuable opportunity to socialize with people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, religions, age groups etc. Following the same theme, on Sunday 6th December about forty people from in and around Newbury and Thatcham gathered to celebrate variety of opinions and food.

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Britain in Palestine | Peace & Integration Forum

About four years ago, in Newbury England, local Muslim, evangelical and progressive (PCN) Christian, Quaker, and other friends came together to found the Forum. Beliefs differ considerably, but participants have a common heart for community building. Initiatives have varied from meetings on topics like Forgiveness, Social Conditioning, and Extremism; to ‘bring and share meals’ and a cricket match. The organisation was named the West Berkshire Peace and Integration Forum. Read more

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