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Temple Grandin (2010) | Movie Review

Temple Grandin, a girl born in 1947, barely uttered a word until she was four. She was born Autistic. She used her autism, the ability to think in pictures, to her advantage and expounded issues that are invisible to a neurotypical person. She is now a world renowned doctor of animal science, an activist for autistic people, and a professor at Colorado State University.  She became famous when renowned Neurologist Oliver Sacks mentioned her uniqueness in his essay ‘An Anthropologist from Mars’ published in 1995. Read more

The Psychopath Test (by Jon Ronson) | Book Review

So, I had lots of hours to burn in London before my flight. And I needed a place with free Wi-Fi. Luckily, there was Waterstones nearby. Tell you what; free Wi-Fi is an excellent marketing strategy. I ended up buying 5 books. ‘The Psychopath Test’ was among them and it caught my attention for I have been asking myself since a long time whether it was possible for anyone to be clinically incapable of empathizing with others and whether it was possible for anyone to be born a criminal. Read more

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