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Could Psych Evaluations have prevented Flight 9525 Calamity ?

Suicide does not seem like an apt word to describe the incident of Germanwings flight 9525. The co-pilot deliberately locked the captain out of the cockpit, and activated the descent that drove the plane into French Alps. The drastic collision took the life of the co-pilot and 149 other lives. The possibility of a technology failure was ruled out with-in hours of the disaster when black box was found which revealed the deliberate actions of the co-pilot that lead to the crash. Since then, discussions have focused on preventive measures to stop such calamities in future like tighter psychological evaluations and making a compulsion to have two personal in the cockpit at all times. Media agencies have also been beaconing perplexed theories on what could have convinced co-pilot Andreas Lubitz to commit such a tragic act. Read more

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