//Discreet Worries

Discreet Worries

Straddling through the norms of life , the moment of pause is filled with immense discreet Worries.  Moments of silent inactivity, moments of reflection are so intense , they are so immense in their gravity that tears flow out. I wonder why that is so ? It’s almost like , deep down there’s a feeling of being lost. Deep down there’s a loneliness. Deep down there is an array of unknown.  Deep there is an array of unanswered philosophical queries . Deep down there is an array of astray emotions. Deep down there is a hurricane of chaotic randomness. But to camouflage all thought, there’s a mechanism of busy-ness, but no defined purpose. Finding purpose now seems so difficult. To find a purpose I’ll have to battle my way through all those deep trenches. Where do I make a start ? Where do I get an opportunity for the pause ? Dear tears, find your way , these reasoning is restless and grave. Offer me a momentary gratification , and give me a tiny restart , this piled intelligence is too much to take. I need a moment of a childish cry , for no reason why.