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From the Comfort of my home

As per a survey conducted by UN in 2005, there were about 100 million people homeless worldwide. And according to another estimate, a total of 1.6 billion people worldwide reside in inadequate shelter; that’s more than the population of the whole of China. And I research these numbers from the comfort of my modern day home, with all the basic amenities and more. I feel sinful when I realize that I have unused room in my house, and there a 100 million people on the mother earth who sleep under no shade. I feel gutted, and my comfort seems wrong. And then, I think of those who have carved spacious palaces, with hundreds and thousands of spare rooms. I find my crime less grave when put to test with such examples. And then, I think of governments with magnanimous budgets and I feel even more insignificant. The guilt disappears, is replaced by a feeling of helplessness.

I glimpse at my wardrobe, and I can spot several clothes that I had not worn in a year. How often have I thrown away food because I didn’t like it? How often has food expired in my fridge? I feel like a culprit. Perhaps I owe more than I should and don’t give away as much as I ought to. My life is at an astonishing contrast to the one’s who rely on left overs of others, who scour bins for items they could reuse. When contrasted with real difficulties, my worries are so pointless. It seems wrong to worry about my struggle with rental apartments, job security etc. when members of my human family do not have even the most basic shelter. Then I think, how much difference could I make? Would it not be that the 1%, which owns half of world’s population, actually makes the difference, rather than middle-class people like me? Maybe it’s just my way out of the guilt, my defence mechanism so I can turn on the autopilot once again and continue my struggle for the next social class.

I remind myself that I am part of a human family, so I am not to indulge myself in personal gains so much I forget my part to play for the wider family. I am to find my purpose, be it helping others through my presence, through my words, through my material wealth or through my attempts at empathy. And I task my future self, If I get to a higher class of material wealth, knowledge or influence; I need to ramp up my efforts for the mission to serve human family. There’s just so much to do; the least of which is breaking free from my selfish mindless race to nowhere. I need to be free from the conditioned pursuits, I need to write my own purpose, I need to be a Good Samaritan

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