//Life’s Linearity

Life’s Linearity

Some aspects of life are so linear. There are things which cannot be relived, there are experiences which can only be had once. The special euphoria associated with the first time doesn’t return on repeated occurrence. Knowledge is one criminal to this dilemma, the amount of which is increasing linearly, and it brings with it a while array of implications. It accumulates the wisdom and somewhat complicates it. Knowledge is an enigma in itself , it’s bestowing and taking, it encourages and discourages, it quenches and hungers, it solves and complicates, it speaks and silences. Experience is another Enigma ; there’s an urge to have an experience but then to have it with the same intensity again which is not possible. The experience takes away what was unknown and replaces it with a set of feelings, memories, scents and melodies. Post which there is nostalgia combining the same feelings, memories, scents and melodies , but the same experience can never be had again at-least not with the initial magnitude. Once the experience is had , it becomes a distant occurring which you want to touch but can never again. It is in the moment that experience and knowledge change everything. They deposit and take away. They give for a moment and deprive for a lifetime.