Great. So finally you have found the solution for all your OCD trouble

First I congratulate you for reaching this site, I am sure your way to recovery has been opened. When you go through this site completely, you realise what I am talking about.

So to start, before coming across this site, I was very depressed and very sure, I would not be able to recover from this OCD and I need to live with it for the rest of my life. But I was wrong, Please see that I am not exaggerating anything here, but after reading the comprehensive guide about OCD, you know you have found the solution and no one can stop you from recovering. In shaa Allah

The very first hadith mentioned on the page about wasawis brings immense relief. Also after reading the hadith about religion in Section 8.3 of the comprehensive guide tells you not to be extremists but try to be near to perfection, you now know what is the solution for all your cleanliness worries, other obsessions etc..

The site has been built very well exploring the mind of an OCD patient, and providing the comprehensive solution for OCD in an Islamic way. Just start working on the solutions religiously. You will soon find complete relief from your problem. Thanks a ton brother Mohammad Awais Tahir. He helped me with his advice and patiently replied to all my queries.

Alhamdulillah. Whatever peace of mind I have now, I am very grateful to ALLAH for having guided me to this site. Please never loose hope, you may recover slowly, try to apply these solutions, go through them again, and most importantly put your faith in ALLAH and try your best. In shaa Allah , you will recover soon. One thing that I constantly remind myself is that ALLAH doesn't want any hardship for you, but wants ease. Just thinking about this when I am very depressed, you know nothing can bring more relief from all you cleanliness worries, obsessions.

Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.
(Qur'an 13: 28)


We all should share this site (someone may not want to discuss about their problem, so please do in the best way appropriate to them) with the other OCD patients and help them recover too.

Sister in faith

A significant stride in the right direction

This is truly a great project and may Allah bless this endeavor. The methodological approach, reflective postulation, universal thought and application justifies its purpose. Suffice it to state that the Quranic council 'those who use their hearts and minds to reflect' will naturally feel the attraction to this portal and naturally perceive it as their own. Alhumdulilah this is the start, an inspiration, a platform upon which serious research and discussion can take place!
A specialized area of study that is focused upon the willingness to explore the very purpose of our creation..."know thy self' without barriers.

Suddahazai Khan

Very useful and Highly Recomended for People with OCD

I have been suffering from OCD from past 10 years I have been taking medication and have also attended counseling sessions but none of the counseling sessions were as effective in dealing with the waswaas  (intrusions) as the article I read on your site regarding OCD. Keep up the good work, may God bless you with peace, prosperity and success in this world and the here after.

Kashif Imran

Wonderful Site

Assalam u 'Alaikum - Peace be Upon all brothers and sisters who refer to this site. I feel immense pleasure to share my views about this wonderful site . I have been suffering from waswasa (intrustions) since a long time and it had reached to such a level that I would even got suicidal thoughts, at times. I was in a mess, as I did not know what I was going through, what my exact problem is and how to resolve it. My life was miserable. One day, fortunately, while surfing the web I came across this beautiful site where I found mention of things that matched my condition. I read these articles and then came to know what waswasa (intrustions) are and how to fight them on my own. Everytime, when I used to get any intrusions i would come back to this site and go throgh these articles and kept reminding myself that these are not credible thoughts and i have to keep ignoring them if i am to live my life happily without becoming a victim of these traps. I am really glad that our religion Islam itself has solutions to such difficult conditions, i.e. scrupulosity (religous OCD). I wish everyone who is suffering from such conditions comes across this site and gets help. May God guide us all to the right path and keep us all happy.

Dr Afreen Motiwala

A Great Help, Thanks God

This website has been helping me a lot. The author has been giving me valuable advice regarding my obsessions. I cannot thank him enough. God Willing (In sha' Allah), this website will help anyone who needs counselling.

Muhammad Hazim Bin Suffian

Highly Recommended

Very Helpful in understanding OCD. Great ideas and tips to overcome OCD.


Very Effective and Helpful

This site and its counselors are very effective and helpful in terms of dealing with waswsas (unnecessary satanic doubts) especially during prayers. a month or so ago I used to experience a lot of doubts during my prayers, during this time, i could hardly observe a particular compulsory prayer for only once. I used to repeat a single prayer for about 4 or 5 times, just because I used to have a lot of doubts in my mind concerning my state of purity and most of these doubts were related to whether I have passed/released a gas or not during my prayers, that is to say whether or not I am still ritually pure. Indeed I used to suffer a lot during prayers time. In my quest for answers to these problems, i came across an article written by sheikh Muhammad Awais Tahir and co about this particular problem, i found that article very interesting as it gave a much more detailed solution to this particular problem, so i decided to contact Muhammad Awais Tahir through his e-mail, through that we scheduled a date to meet on Skype  there he made me understand that the best way to defeat these things is to ignore them completely as they are from an unreliable source , because the moment I continue dwelling ın such doubts during prayers, they will also continue to haunt me always and as such i wont be able to enjoy my prayers . He told me that, when in doubt I should assume my normal state to be that of purity, meaning if I was in doubt I am still pure, and when I am cent percent sure that I am no more ritually pure only then I need to carry out ritual purification again. I started neglecting such doubts gradually. At first it was not easy , but with time it became easier. If I would find any difficulty regarding any issue , I will contact him and he will reiterate that I need to re-attribute and revalue these intrusive thoughts,and now i have been able to overcome about 90% of those doubts and now I enjoy my prayers. İ really think that these site and its counselors are very good and effective in helping one to overcome  OCD and waswaas. I pray that God continues to bless them all and put us all on the right path.

Huzaifa Napari Abdulai

Really Helpful

I was going through a hard time dealing with intense intrusions  I didn't know what to do or how to deal with it, by the mercy of God I came across this website and it explained what intrusions was and what the best of dealing with it would be. Also at the bottom was a contact number which I used to contact Muhammad Awais Tahir, I emailed him regarding my situation which I explained and the reply back, Thanks God,  gave me so much hope because he said that many other people go through the same thing.

Anisa Khan
United Kingdom